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This is my royalty free offer of music clips. Media content for insta, youtube ... Originally I produced them as background my own videos, but they have multiple uses on the net. You can stream them for free in the port5 player and if want to you use them in your production, you can do so for a few cents and are safe of blocking and monetization ads on youtube.

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ComeAndGrooveWakes you up.0:31118
Passing ByPretty lively.1:45134
Come AlongThat's gonna be fun.2:20141
DecemberTime to remember.2:56107
Plane over CloudsIn the sunshine above the cotton ball.2:52124
NoahsNoah's is a nice coffee bar at the harbour.2:32115
EchoLike a spark in the dark.3:25102
Project RacerVirtual, unconventional, sensational.2:20120
AmanecerThe day awakes.2:38102
Clear WaterClear stream over rocks.3:08109
Pasta PastaSunday brunch or perfect dinner.1:55116
CalabashGame of Live - groovin2.12107
Dreamers NightA night on the beach.1:42126
AdventureIndiana Jones or Lara Croft1:50117
Groove ZeroThe mother of all grooves.1:33115
Victor WhiskySpellchecking character1:01115
Stompin Jack Hash40 years after.3.04109
Heinz L. MannFrom Lübeck to Cologne.1:41122
Light up- shining brightly2:23127
SonnenkollektorWe all are - in spring.2:57107
EarlyRise and shine.1:56132
WakeupGood morning, this is your wakeup call.2:29125
NewDayDawningNew day - New Year.2:32128
BenjiBenjamin Arbutus.3:29120
River FlowsNot too fast, but steady.2:45105
Mosquito DanceAnd I am dinner for the suckers.2:11125
Dominante Tante- bastante penetrante!1:59120
NewtonAble, not Sir Isaac.2:30120
LopekteronThe semaphore of a 58 beetle (outward bound).1:18120
KilontoThe semaphore of Lopekteron (inward bound).2:11116
MarbellaBeautiful sea.2:15122
Rhythm1,2,3 ...1:15128
Chalice - 2015er MixHarry Potter revisited.1:55120
Klingon FeverThe whole club in fever.1:28128
HobbitEnjoyed part 3 tremendously.1:4190
ChicagoWindy City.1:40120
XUnknown quantity1:34120
Finally... options arise.2:15131
MayflowerIn winter, you wish for it sometimes.1:40120
EastWestWe'll meet south.1:38120
EnduranceDrama, Baby, Drama.2:26120
LungoDesignAnyone for coffee?2:04
FirebladeRacing with that Honda bike.2:03136
SerenityWhat would Capt'n Mal's Wisdom say?1:46120
ChinaRelaxed and groovy.1:43
StratosphereNot many were there already.1:21120
ApealogyGet into the groove.1:37125

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