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Modern Instrumental Rock for My Videos

Where do I find modern instrumental rock for my videos? Not the automatic background, in strict time, tonally correct and as exciting as a bus schedule? ...More

Where do I find modern instrumental rock for my videos? Not the automatic background, in strict time, tonally correct and as exicting as a bus schedule?

Ok, sometimes I find bus schedules extremely exciting, especially in Germany, where they tell the pure truth (mostly). But I have already cancelled videos, because the background music reminded me so much of music on hold. Maybe I'm a bit extreme there, but in order to avoid this in your videos, I have a collection of titles here, which are more individual.

The current offer of music for my videos from port5.de. With a click on the name of a clip you start the player for listening on trial. You find more below.

Uwe ErdnussA bit more forward, but not obtrusive.2:34118
ThoughtsContemplating quietly.2:0091
Paris PandaSome like the Moscow Mule better.3:10124
Fly in the SunJust take off in your glider.2:27122
Just A Second... can make the difference.4:11113
Shiny ChromeKeep an eye on the chrome egg.2:13132
BuildingThe skyscraper grows.1:47127
McBlamboFrom mystic noises to an anthem.2:35111
Core of the HeartRight in the middle.2:39121
MacyA bit sad, a little spacy.3:08124
Cala MesquidaSometimes a bit stormy.1:55126
KangDingWot kang dat ding do?2:39122
EchoLike a spark in the dark.3:25102
PacManBlinky, Pinky, Inky and Clyde.2:25114
Clear WaterClear stream over rocks.3:08109
Mister YMisteryous3:44117
Pasta PastaSunday brunch or perfect dinner.1:55116
The TowerTowering above the landscape.2:31122
Plane over CloudsIn the sunshine above the cotton ball.2:52124
Pezi, Pelle und PingoMy childhood heroes :-)1:38120
FloatingFloating in quiet currents.3:06105
Groove ZeroThe mother of all grooves.1:33115
Major FoxtrottNot a military rank, but not a dance either.2.02120
Victor WhiskySpellchecking character1:01115
Stompin Jack Hash40 years after.3.04109
Cindy CilantroSister to Konrad Koriander.2:21137
Dadababda... dum dadeldidum1:28120
Train LeavingThe motor starts and the train leaves.2:00136
Light up- shining brightly2:23127
ExpensiveI don't care - I want it, give it to me.2:21130
SonnenkollektorWe all are - in spring.2:57107
WakeupGood morning, this is your wakeup call.2:29125
NewDayDawningNew day - New Year.2:32128
BenjiBenjamin Arbutus.3:29120
River FlowsNot too fast, but steady.2:45105
Mosquito DanceAnd I am dinner for the suckers.2:11125
NewtonAble, not Sir Isaac.2:30120
LopekteronThe semaphore of a 58 beetle (outward bound).1:18120
KilontoThe semaphore of Lopekteron (inward bound).2:11116
MarbellaBeautiful sea.2:15122
Rhythm1,2,3 ...1:15128
Black SharkBlack, beautiful and dangerous.2:01122
Klingon FeverThe whole club in fever.1:28128
Postfacebook, Twitter, no matter where - just post it1:5490
ChicagoWindy City.1:40120
XUnknown quantity1:34120
Finally... options arise.2:15131
Arthurs ThemeOr was that Sir Arthur?2:20115

How does this here work?


Listening on trial with one click is simple: You just click on the name of the clip in the first column (e.g. Clever Kid).


The table makes it easyto fin matching clips. By clicking the button-like column headers you can sort the list according to length, beats per minute or user points.

By clicking you can restore the original sorting.

More infos about the table and the player can be found on the page TipsAndTricks.html.

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