Music for Clips

Music is an important style element for a video. It can convey feelings, amplify moods or create them in the first place. Music can vitalize scenes in which acoustically "nothing happens. And what works for videos also works for presentation, commercials or websites. If you are looking for music that will be remembered, this is the place for you.

Clip Table

In the clip table you can find the current clips for downloading. The first column contains the titles as links for preview. A click here starts the port5 Player for playback. You can listen to all clips in full length and with full quality. If you want to use a clip in your own production, commercial or hobby, you can click the store symbol and store it on your computer. You will need a license for this, which you can buy in packets of 10 for 0.49€ each. Details can be found here: Purchase.html.

The size of the clip table depends on your display size. On a computer or tablet you will see next to the title a short description, since when the title is online, the duration, tempo in beats per minute and how many points the users have given so far. On a smartphone you will probably see only the name, duration and the bpm. In the first row you see buttons for sorting. As usual in tables,the clip table will be sorted according to the column below the button. With a click on "Original Sorting" you can restore the original display.