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Mister YMisteryous3:44117
CalabashGame of Live - groovin2.12107
Dreamers NightA night on the beach.2018-11-201:42126star4.00 points of 1 user
EchoLike a spark in the dark.2018-08-183:25102
FloatingFloating in quiet currents.2018-08-103:06105star4.00 points of 1 user
Groove ZeroThe mother of all grooves.2018-11-151:33115
Major FoxtrottNot a military rank, but not a dance either.2019-01-202.02120
Victor WhiskySpellchecking character2019-01-041:01115
Stompin Jack Hash40 years after.2019-01-073.04109
Heinz L. MannFrom Lübeck to Cologne.2010-05-301:41122star3.00 points of 9 users
Cindy CilantroSister to Konrad Koriander.2016-06-052:21137
Dadababda... dum dadeldidum2019-01-041:28120
Stubborn MuleA bit stubborn, but only at the beginning.2018-09-242:15124
Train LeavingThe motor starts and the train leaves.2018-09-232:00136
WallClimberThe higher the better.2016-10-021:28120
Project RacerVirtual, unconventional, sensational.2006-03-312:20120star2.59 points of 411 users
Light up- shining brightly2018-06-242:23127
ExpensiveI don't care - I want it, give it to me.2018-07-182:21130
SonnenkollektorWe all are - in spring.2018-05-152:57107
NoahsNoah's is a nice coffee bar at the harbour.2007-04-092:32115star2.75 points of 320 users
EarlyRise and shine.2018-10-121:56132
WakeupGood morning, this is your wakeup call.2018-01-272:29125
NewDayDawningNew day - New Year.2018-01-152:32128
BenjiBenjamin Arbutus.2017-12-223:29120
River FlowsNot too fast, but steady.2017-06-272:45105
Mosquito DanceAnd I am dinner for the suckers.2017-06-162:11125
Dominante Tante- bastante penetrante!2017-05-281:59120star3.00 points of 1 user
NewtonAble, not Sir Isaac.2017-05-282:30120
LopekteronThe semaphore of a 58 beetle (outward bound).2014-11-231:18120star3.00 points of 1 user
KilontoThe semaphore of Lopekteron (inward bound).2015-02-252:11116star4.00 points of 1 user
MarbellaBeautiful sea.2015-08-172:15122
Rhythm1,2,3 ...2015-10-281:15128
Black SharkBlack, beautiful and dangerous.2015-05-042:01122star2.33 points of 3 users
Chalice - 2015er MixHarry Potter revisited.2015-03-311:55120star3.00 points of 2 users
Klingon FeverThe whole club in fever.2015-01-031:28128
Postfacebook, Twitter, no matter where - just post it2014-09-041:5490
NeoTension in the matrix2014-05-021:13120star4.00 points of 1 user
HobbitEnjoyed part 3 tremendously.2013-12-281:4190star3.00 points of 1 user
ChicagoWindy City.2013-12-211:40120star4.00 points of 1 user
XUnknown quantity2014-05-121:34120star4.00 points of 1 user
Finally... options arise.2015-09-052:15131
MayflowerIn winter, you wish for it sometimes.2012-01-071:40120star2.50 points of 4 users
MunchkinWhat is the next monster?2014-03-012:13114
EastWestWe'll meet south.2013-09-011:38120star4.00 points of 1 user
Quit the CamouflageShow me your real face.2009-04-142:05120star3.17 points of 6 users
EnduranceDrama, Baby, Drama.2013-09-192:26120star4.00 points of 6 users
Cellophane... flowers of yellow and green ...2013-06-232:05110
PalabrasWords?! - not even a single one.2009-08-192:03110star3.67 points of 3 users
AirportPrepare for Takeoff.2013-01-142:18122
LungoDesignAnyone for coffee?2012-04-292:04star3.00 points of 1 user
RunwayTake it on the run, baby!2012-07-311:36105star3.00 points of 2 users
FirebladeRacing with that Honda bike.2005-09-032:03136star2.22 points of 89 users
SerenityWhat would Capt'n Mal's Wisdom say?2011-03-091:46120star2.63 points of 8 users
ChinaRelaxed and groovy.2011-11-061:43star3.00 points of 4 users
FantasiesFanciful, dynamic, easygoing.2011-07-031:57135star2.00 points of 3 users
StratosphereNot many were there already.2011-12-301:21120star4.00 points of 1 user
Pearly GatesThe gates of heaven and the trumpets of Jericho.2011-04-251:42126star3.00 points of 1 user
ApealogyGet into the groove.2009-03-151:37125star2.13 points of 16 users
Arthurs ThemeOr was that Sir Arthur?2010-08-232:20115star2.17 points of 6 users